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Privacy PolicyPeople who use Our site should carefully read Our Privacy and Cookie Policy (collectively the “Privacy Policy”) (“You,” “Your,” or “User”). is the writer of this Privacy Policy (the “Company,” “We,” “Our,” or “Us”) to inform you about how the collection and processing of the information we collect via our site (

Additionally, this privacy policy will help establish the foundation upon which to execute the processing of Our collected information.

We are a provider of information on gaming websites and the gaming industry. However, at times, the information may come with links, including adverts that link to external third-party sites or contents. Third-party websites such as the ones we provide information for have independent privacy (and cookie) policies. Should anyone choose to visit these addresses, it is best to review the privacy policies before agreeing to submit any personal details or information to such sites.

Please be informed that when You visit the site, You are handling Your agreement and consent to the description of practices as stipulated in this Privacy Policy in connection with the collected data by Us, including how we process them.

Non-personal Information

There may be a need to present an individual’s un-identified and non-identifiable information due to using the Services. (“Non-personal Information”).

If your device broadcasts certain information, your devices may become part of Non-personal information, such as the usage of aggregated information and technical information such as IP address. Other information may include other online identifiers. Additionally to some hardware and software information such as browser type and OS (operating system), language, uses, and choice of time in accessing the site’s domain name, from which you use Our Services.

To improve Our Services’ functionality, We may also need to collect Your activity information on the Service and engagement on the Website.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies on Our Website to differentiate You from other first-timers or newbies on our Websites. Cookies help us in the provision of top-notch experience each time. You visit and surf Our Website. Furthermore, We enhance the design and performance of Our Website through cookies.
Usually, there is a dispensation of a small file containing information known as cookies whenever You visit a Website from Your device. It results in navigation efficiency between pages while also making it easy to automatically activate some features. Moreover, cookies help Us keep your preferences on track while providing swiftness and ease in the communication between You and the

Service You are using.

Below are some accurate information We use on the cookies Our Website uses, including why our Website uses them

Persistent cookies

Many cookies have a longer lifespan and can be typically kept for you to 12 months by the company responsible for its setup. However, the lifespan depends on the company’s policies. Third-party service providers such as third-party web-traffic analytics companies analyze and look after how You interact with other sites are responsible for this setting on Our Website. This happens to third parties that are not under Our control. Cookie of these types include

  • Functionality cookies: They are responsible for the identification of Your repeated visits. They help us in saving and recalling Your preferences for subsequent visits
  • Targeting cookies: Targeting cookies are for tracking both links and pages You visit. This helps us for improving Your interests in the relevance of our Website to Your interests
  • Analytical/performance cookies: The collation of data of an anonymous visitor are the duties of these files, showing Us the parts specific area of access of the visitor, how they visit, and their duration on our website. The cookies help Us in providing efficiency and ease each time You visit our Website.

You accept the use of these types of cookies discussed above, including other tracking technologies, when You continue to visit Our Website, as stated in this Privacy Policy. However, We should remind You that no information is associated with cookies which can be helpful for Your identification as a person.

On the other hand, disabling these cookies is possible by navigating to your device’s browser settings by turning all certain or all cookies. It is important too; however, note that turning off cookies may alter the Services and Website’s performance and specific features. It may also affect the general experience You will have online while browsing due to disabling all cookies.

Session cookies

Cookie PolicyWhile You are browsing, certain files are stored temporarily, and once You shut down the browser, these files shut down together. These are the responsibilities of session cookies- temporal storage of files. There is a strict need for these cookies for Our Website to function properly. There will be a reduction in the top-notch performance of the Website if You disable the cookies.

Third-party links

This privacy policy excludes privacy information (including cooking and other tracking technologies) that third parties’ websites may collect after entering them via hyperlinks on Our Website. We can not, however, control such websites of third parties. There is a privacy policy for each of such websites, which You should read with utmost attention before filling in any personal information on that site.

We will turn down liability relating to the policies of such websites of third-party. Should you choose to accordingly follow a link to any of these sites, any risk you may face from using a third-party website to which We have directed you are your actions as a user. On the other hand, Our Privacy Policy will not apply if You decide on sharing any of Your personal information to a third-party site as referred by our services or websites.

The use of your information

Different from the resins We have discussed in our Privacy Policy, We may use any information any of our users submit on our Website for different purposes such as:

  • The preservation and keeping of Our Website’s safety and security
  • The improvement and modification of our services by researching or conducting analysis
  • The evaluation of the importance of the accessed content to you

Additionally, there may be a need for us to use data for complying with relevant laws, regulations, and other requirements of a government authority. Alternatively, we may welcome any request from a court of competent jurisdiction or legal process relating to this.

Sharing your information

We may share the data collected from You in the following ways

Service providers and others

Specific trusted third-party service providers may be able to have your personal information as shared by the company. The same also goes with trusted business partners, as they can have your information shared by the company. This helps them in executing their function, including helping the website with user data processing such as

Researching, analyzing, or diagnosing technicalities

The method mentioned above will be followed when anonymizing data processing to third parties while strictly following strict security measures as stated in the privacy policy and applicable law.

Other disclosures

Auditors, advisers, and other potential investors or purchasers may also access anonymized data as shared by us in the company. We may also choose to share the data with our subsidiaries and affiliates. If the company is interested in a case of a corporate transaction such as a merger, selling a major part of the company, or asset buying by the company, sharing the information may be needed with intending buyer or seller.

Apart from the cases mentioned above, we may share information if we believe that divulging such information will help us or if we see it as necessary for complying with any legal obligation, request from the government, or applicable laws. Also, we may divulge information if it complies with the enforcement of any legal rights such as intellectual property. If we suspect any unlawful activities, including other wrongdoings relating to security or suspected fraudulent activities, we may take action. There may also be a need to enforce our internal policies, exercise our rights of contesting legal claims, and prevent danger to the rights or safety of third parties, We, or You.

Information storage

Interaction with our website means you agree with the privacy policy you have read, including its terms and conditions for storing and processing such information. We will, however, ensure at our maximum capacity that the information you have submitted on our website undergoes due process and storage based on the privacy policy.

Your security and transfer and information transfer

One of the major responsibilities of the company is to equip all necessary security for Your personal information and services. This implies much attention is given to maintaining and realizing the procedures of security. To ensure maximum safety and unauthorized access and use of any Non-personal information, the company uses industry-standard policies and measures.

Unfortunately, We cannot, however, guarantee We can resist all unauthorized and unlawful access to it, including any of our Services’ exploitation. Generally, information transformation across the internet is not fully secure. The company is putting a relentless effort into the protection of information. However, guaranteeing that the transfer of all information to Our Website is not possible, especially in security. Carrying out any transmission on the internet is done at Your risk.

The company’s operation cuts across the globe, meaning We require the transmission of Your personal information to countries within a d outside of the European Union (“EU”). One important concept to know about this data security, including other applicable and important laws and regulations within the EU, may not be difficult as the ones within the EU. In situations such as this, the company will ensure to take all importantly required steps to provide security that is equivalent to any anonymized information You have submitted. Interaction with this website requires You to give out Your consent to any anonymized data transmission according to the privacy policy.

Legal Age

We should strictly let You know that you are fully and legally restricted from participating in this Service if you are under 18 years. These services are not available for under 18 individuals.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We strongly advise you to read this Privacy Policy over and over again all the time. This is because We may revise it from to time whenever We think there is a need. Should there be a material change, We will always provide you with the latest update of the Policy Privacy on our Website. In any area there should be a need, We will always let You know of the way of services.
Your continued utilization of our Services after notification from Us regarding any Privacy Policy changes on Our Website will be your acknowledgment and consent to such amendments.

Contact us

If there is a need to reach out to us for any question about the services or Your submitted information to us, including Our Service us you can email us at [email protected]

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